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Macaluso'S Thriftway offers our customers a wide variety of services.
Make Macaluso's your one stop shopping experience.

Macaluso's Thriftway offers

Check Cashing, RGA Money Orders, and a convenient ATM.
We are also an IPP Payment Center.

We also offer the fine services listed below.
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•Western Union

Every day we help people connect with loved
ones around the world by offering a fast, reliable
and convenient means of transferring money. The
Western Union Company provides consumers
fast, reliable and convenient ways to send and
receive money around the world.
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•Coinstar Center

Coinstar's self-service kiosk is easy to use. Just pour
in your jar of mixed coins and watch them add up.
Coinstar accurately counts up to 600 coins per
minute, saving you the time and effort of counting,
sorting, or rolling. When you cash in at a retail store
you'll get a voucher to redeem for cash at the store
checkout or apply to your purchase.

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•DVD Express

If you can use an ATM, then you can use our DVD
Rental Kiosks. You can browse New Release movies
by category (Comedy, Action, Drama, etc.) or title.
Each movie listing displays the movie rating and a
brief description. Transactions with the kiosks are
fast, efficient, and secure.
To RENT a movie, simply select the title you want,
touch the ‘Rent’ button, swipe your credit card, and in seconds
your DVD is dispensed. The entire rental process can take less than a minute!